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Our Prices

We try to be open about the cost of dentistry. The costs below are a guide only as treatment will depend on patient’s needs.

However prior to a course of treatment, each patient will be given a written estimate.

Initial Consultation & Examination only £35
New Patient Examination (includes simple scaling & 2 small x-rays) £65
Routine Examination (including simple scaling) £51
Emergency Consultation (not including treatment costs) £36
Radiography/Radiology (small film) £7
Radiography/Radiology (Panoral) £35
Study Models £25
Photographs £8
Professional Hygiene
Simple Scaling from £38
2 - visit Scaling from £70
Multiple Visits (per visit) from £38
Amalgam — small from £32
Amalgam — medium from £62
Amalgam — large from £90
Tooth-coloured - small from £32
Tooth-coloured – medium from £72
Tooth-coloured – large from £145
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor / Canine from £120
Premolar from £200
Molar from £290
Complex Restorations
Gold Crown from £350
Porcelain Crown from £300
Advanced Porcelain Crown from £350
Bridge (per unit) from £300
Adhesive Bridge (per unit) from £320
Veneer from £250
Full acrylic denture (per arch) from £350
Partial acrylic denture (per arch) from £200
Partial metal denture (per arch) from £400
Surgical Treatment
Extraction From £52
Extraction with surgery Charged by time taken
Tooth Whitening
One arch £200
Both arches £270

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