NHS Exemptions

Please click here to check you are exempt from NHS charges.

You must bring a valid exemption certificate to your dental appointments or payments will be requested.



Q. How do I know if I am Exempt from my Dental charges?

A. Click on the link above or check on the reverse of the blue NHS Form that you must complete on arrival to the practice.

Q. Whose responsibility is it to check I am exempt?

A. It is solely the patients responsibiltiy to check that their exemption is valid, there is a NHS £100 FINE if you incorrectly claim exemption. If you are unsure you must pay for your treatment and you can ask Reception for a HC5 refund form to complete and send to the NHS.

Q. Which part of the blue NHS form should I sign?

A. All NHS patients must complete the front of the form regardless of exemptions at every visit. The reverse of the form is to claim exemption from payment of your treatment with a valid exemption.