School Visit

June 2016

On Wednesday the 29th of June, Kirsten Jones visited Exeter Road Community Primary School, along with dental nurse Naomi, to educate children on oral health. They spent some time with the reception class, year 1 and year 2 students.

They showed the children a range of popular foods, including tomato ketchup, raisins and Ribena, and played a matching game in groups to see if they could work out how many sugar cubes are in each of the foods. As a class they then went through each food and found out just how much sugar they contained – It seems a lot of the children (and teachers) were surprised with the answers!

They talked about why these foods are harmful to our teeth and which foods we can eat instead that are better for us. They also talked about brushing their teeth and how the children (and adults!) should brush twice a day for 2 minutes. The children had a go at brushing some model teeth using small circular movements rather than scrubbing.

She showed them how they can use the NHS Sugar Smart app to find out for themselves how much sugar is in the food and drink they consume. Follow the link below to download the app and check the foods that you eat!…/campaigns/sugar-smart/home